Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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What is Full spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg?

Full spectrum CBD oil 1000mg is a blend that is quite potent containing MCT coconut oil mixed with hemp extract and it offers quick absorption by your body and a high bioavailability so you are able to get the medicinal effects you so desire almost instantly. We use independent laboratories to do 3rd party testing to ensure we are serving quality, safe products to anyone who decides to purchase our products which we consider the best full spectrum CBD oil you can find on the market.

Different than other CBD oils on the market, our full-spectrum CBD oil has been tested to impact 65 target points in one’s body. Hemp plants contain rich Phyto cannabinoid profiles including, but not limited to, CBD and THC and a full-spectrum oil like ours is made by taking in a harvest of the complete cannabinoid profile of said hemp plants. We are able to make these oils with less than 0.3% THC (the legal limit in the United States for hemp products containing THC) which means that you will not feel any psychoactive effects when taking our full-spectrum CBD oil. While it is safe to use for children, please contact your doctor before making any said decisions.


Organic Coconut Oil and Full-Spectrum CBD oil.

Benefits of Using Full spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg

The health benefits of using full-spectrum CBD oil are plenty, and here are just a few to name. Because the product affects the biological functions directly linked to the endocannabinoid system, some profound or recognizable effects upon consumption of the product will be reducing stress levels leading to improved stress response, the support of joints for healthier joints and alleviation of muscle tension, the promotion of healthy sleep for those suffering from insomnia or otherwise related conditions, the promotion of a sense of relaxation for those suffering from anxiety, and a support of a healthier inflammatory response aiding common ailments such as headaches. As mentioned above, the oil works almost immediately so these benefits can be experienced quite soon after taking the oil especially in the potency that we offer. Everyone’s body is different and as such benefits will differ from user to user.

Why Choose our Full spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg?

Because we are offering a 1000mg bottle of full-spectrum CBD oil, you have enough product at an affordable price to last over a month if used in recommended dosing. We also as mentioned above have our products lab tested so you are safe and sound in shopping with us knowing that we have certified our products to the highest industry standards. We stand by our products knowing the high-quality that goes behind making them and getting them to our customers, and as such trust in their benefits and are confident that you will return to us for your full-spectrum CBD oil needs.

How do you use CBD Oil?

The use of our full-spectrum CBD oil is meant to be done through sublingual methods meaning you would put the oil under your tongue for approximately 30 seconds before swallowing. This oral application of the product allows rapid absorption through the tissues in your mouth underneath the tongue. This absorption of the chemicals needed for the health benefits takes approximately 10-15 minutes, sometimes even sooner depending on how full or empty one’s stomach is. Rather than considering such a medication as a drug (which it can not be as there is no psychoactive effect) it is best considered a tool to get your body back in homeostasis, or a healthy balance. This will regulate the core functions of your body such as temperature, growth, and overall energy intake and redistribution. Daily use of our full-spectrum CBD oil 1000mg ensures this more healthy balanced connection between mind and body.

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