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5 Dollar CBD

Have you ever heard the saying ”pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered"? It’s true.

Greedy CBD companies have been charging $50, $60, and as much as $119 for a bottle that cost $1 to make.

Yes you read that right. $1 to make a bottle of 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil made in a GMP certified facility with full panel 3rd party lab testing.

Now people will say that's too cheap, it must be crap. It’s not. We’re buying our Full Spectrum CBD Distillate (the main ingredient in cbd) from the same place as all the other major players.

The simple fact is that CBD oil is abundant, and cheap. 2 years ago it cost about $6 to make a 1000mg bottle of CBD

But due the CBD craze american farmers started opening up farms left and right. They literally flooded the market with hemp and the cost to make a bottle fell in the process.

I started this company 5dollarcbd.com because my greedy uncle owned a CBD company and before my father passed away he was selling CBD to him for 300 a bottle.

Immagine a family member selling your dying father who was homeless at the time. A $5 or $6 bottle of cbd for $250 to $300.

Yeah the greed really makes me sick in my stomach.

The time to end all the CBD price gouging is right now.

Here's just how much it cost to
make a perfectly crafted bottle
of CBD oil.

$0.34 (30ml 1 Ounce)
Dropper Flavoring
$0.03 (Some companies don’t add natural terpenes we do)
Mct Oil
$0.17 (Hemp oil can spoil and expire after 6 months, mct oil is good for 2 years)
$.07 We could save a few cents here but we’ve been using the same label printer thats local since day 1
$0.15 .We pay our factory workers $15 an hour

Now you might be saying your going to put all the other CBD companies out of business with your pricing. You are right! Or they can sell it for an appropriate price mark up like every other business.

Here is the transparent pricing for everyone we sell to so you can understand how much it costs.

Our Cost $1

Distributors Pricing ordering $1.50 Each

Wholesale $2.50 Each

Retail $5

Online $5 Each Shipping is $6.95 for the first bottle and .50 each additional bottle.

All orders ship with tracking that's the expensive part.

If you want to save a few bucks you can subscribe Now to our monthly subscription and then your cbd only is delivered monthly and only cost $4.20 a bottle plus shipping of course.

We’re setting the industry standard of pricing in this industry.

Grab your bottle of $5 CBD Oil Today.